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good social media aggregator is a lifesaver – just ask any content curator or creator alike.

Whether you are curating and repurposing or creating fresh new content — the struggles are always the same.

“How do I know exactly what type of content my audience wants to see? How do I find tweets or Instagram photos worth sharing with my followers without wasting too much of my time digging through all the posts on social media?”

It’s often a long and drawn-out process — scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… Switching between all of the different social media sites and blogs in search of that perfect and topical image or article you can share with your audience. If only it could be simpler. If only everything you needed was in one place — ready for you to grab it and do your magic. Oh, but it can be!

Meet Wallery!
Meet Wallery!

If you are a content curator, you have likely in the past struggled to find content that is both relevant enough and of high enough quality to share with your audiences. After all, the quality of content you serve to your readers and followers needs to be on par with your own! This is why social media aggregator tools such as Wallery are a sophisticated solution to the problem of finding good content.

When done well, curated content can become as important for your website and brand as creating original content is.

By picking up tweets and Instagram posts in real time and aggregating them directly on your feed — Wallery can save you countless hours of jumping between Twitter and Instagram to find content worth sharing with your audience.

By choosing a hashtag (or a couple!) you would like to monitor, all of the content shared across these platforms is presented to you on a sleek and simple panel you can customize to your liking. This content is ready to be shared with your followers, repurposed, or can simply be an inspiration for your own posts.

Social media aggregators aren’t just a lifesaver for content curators. They are also a valuable tool for every content creator. Whether you are a copywriter, a blogger or a photographer — you always need to know what your audience wants to see.

With a social media aggregator, keeping your finger on the pulse of your community is easier than ever before. No matter where you are, no matter what is going on — Wallery will always let you know what the people in your community are talking about. You can see their questions, worries, and concerns and respond to them with a carefully crafted and topical blog post on your website, a Tweet of your own or a quick status update on Facebook. It’s up to you!

Wherever they may be – your fans and followers are talking about your products. With an aggregator like Wallery, you can see how they communicate and what they care about. You can observe their reactions to your new products and offers and you can adjust your content strategies accordingly.

A quick takeaway

What a social media aggregator does for content curators:

  • It saves your time. Immensely.
  • In real time, it lets you see what type of content is most popular in your community

What a social media aggregator does for content creators:

  • It lets you know what your audience really cares about
  • It inspires you to write better blog posts, take better photos
  • It shows you who your audience really is

What are you waiting for? Try out Wallery and enjoy all the advantages of a great social media aggregator — for free!

Ines Anić

Social media expert at Walleryapp
Interested in all things social, Ines is our go-to person when it comes to new trends in social media. When she isn't blogging for Wallery she can usually be found gaming.
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