Social media widgets on websites — Best uses as observed by the Wallery team


s you may know, social media walls can, other than at events, also be used on websites.

You may know them as social media widgets, social media plugins, or social media hubs.

Whatever you may be used to calling them, you’ve probably seen social media streams embedded into various websites you frequent.

News outlets, fashion brands, and many others have turned to aggregating user-generated content and displaying it on their websites as a source of both entertainment and social proof for their visitors.

In this article, we will explain why this practice is catching on, and show you some of our favorite websites that have embedded our social media widgets into their web.

What do social media widgets do?

Social media widgets (or social media aggregators) like Wallery help you scan various social media websites for posts containing a specific term or hashtag.

Once you’ve gathered them all, you can then choose which posts you want to display on your website’s homepage, within your blog, or even on your personal website or portfolio.

Why everyone is using social media widgets on their websites; and why you should, too!

Embedding a social media wall into your website is a brilliant and modern way to engage your website visitors for a couple of reasons.

A social media wall on your website will increase the user’s time spent on your page in an organic way

By choosing to show relevant social media content on your website in the form of a curated feed, you are giving your website visitors delicious eye candy that will make them linger on your page for longer than they usually would.

With a curated feed of social media posts on your website, you are choosing what your website visitors will see on your social media wall.

Want to showcase your products? Send posts made by your fans in which they are praising your products to your hub!

Prefer to show your company culture? Create a feed of your own social media accounts and use your wall to showcase your brand voice and values.

A social media wall on your website is the best form of social proof

Your website visitors will never trust you and your marketing campaign more than they trust the opinions of other people.

No matter how amazing your marketing team is, no matter how big of a campaign you’ve launched, what your potential users and clients will always trust more is social proof.

The more raw and organic the social proof is, the more value it holds in the eyes of a potential user.

For your inspiration

The Wallery team has chosen a few examples of our social media walls embedded into various websites around the globe.

We hope these videos inspire you and give you an idea of how you can use Wallery as a social media wall widget on your own website, and as a part of your marketing campaigns!


The team at decided to dedicate an entire stand-alone page on their website to Wallery.

We helped them design a social media wall which follows their brand guidelines down to the tiniest detail. To do this, our team of designers has consulted with their official brand book.

The result is a seamless experience and a beautiful social media wall displaying all social media posts with #Aurorahr hashtag right there on the Aurora website.


We love what the Raumwelten team has done with their wall!

The team has used Wallery on location during their events, but they took fan and visitor engagement to another level by also embedding Wallery into their website.

They did this in a way that is sleek and very visually pleasing, and Wallery looks like it really belongs to their website. Lovely!

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik?

Just looking at the posts on this social media wall might make you feel like you’ve been there. Or it may make you go and book a ticket to visit next year’s Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

The team of Dubrovnik Summer Festival has carefully curated a feed full of beautiful photos during the three weeks of the festival. The result is a very eye-catching stream of social media posts that will remain on their website until the next event.

Impact Hub Zagreb

On the Impact Hub Zagreb website you will find a curated feed of social media posts.

The mixture of posts coming from the official Impact Hub Zagreb accounts and the social media posts of their users and partners give you a look into a normal day at the Hub and help you feel a bit of the atmosphere from their office space.

Impact Hub Zagreb has also dedicated an entire stand-alone page to Wallery, and they have gone with the design that fits into their website flawlessly. The background is mostly white, so the focus is completely on the content on the wall.

Pro tip: You can embed Wallery into Facebook pages!

The UX Passion team has taken Wallery one step further and embedded their social media wall into their Facebook page!

This way, their Facebook fans can browse all of their social media posts in one place, without ever leaving Facebook. Creative!

In conclusion

We hope these examples of our social media walls being used around the web inspire you to create a beautiful social media hub on your website, as well!

If you are already using Wallery on your website, feel free to tweet us at @WalleryAppHQ and let us know! We’d love to see what you’ve done, and we might feature your website in this very article!

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