Goodbye, and thanks for all the tweets

Saying goodbyes is never easy. Especially so when you put a lot of your time, passion and dedication in something that you are leaving.

When we created one of the world’s first twitter wall and social media solutions (back in 2009!), Wall of Tweets, social media displays were on the rise, APIs were freely available and open, and things were looking good.

For years we were serving our clients on all continents, Antarctica included, and during that time we were working on several in-house ideas and approaches to deliver best self-service social media walls creation tool. It took us too long to arrive at the point when we launched Wallery in 2017. While clients enjoyed it, we were facing many challenges – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook started imposing more and more limitations on their APIs, effectively forcing us to either find some workarounds or try and keep fixing the Wallery. Soon, it became unfeasible for us to do so. Recognising that situation and being able to decide to say goodbye, was also a sign of our maturity. We promised ourselves that we would work the best we can and deliver the best experience we can. We also promised ourselves that if we see that we are not able to provide exceptional service, we will not offer anything substandard. With announced and unannounced (API) changes coming from social media powerhouses like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it became apparent that we will not be able to deliver the exceptional service our clients deserve.

With recent developments around Facebook and data privacy in general, as well as with EU’s GDPR approach, we decided to focus our efforts in another direction. We will continue to serve our existing clients in the coming time, but we will not sign-up any new clients. Your existing walls will continue to work for some time, and our team will reach out to you in the days ahead.

We learned a lot while building, scaling and selling our product. It was, almost, a once in a lifetime experience. We are humbled by all the clients who bought and used our services and products. We are happy that we were parts of your experiences.

However, while this is goodbye, it is not the end. The entire Wallery team will continue to work together in a new organisation and use their precious experience to help us create and deliver new, innovative and exciting products and services to our clients worldwide.

Once again, we thank you for your business, support and encouragements. Goodbye and see you in new adventures.

Wallery Team

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