et’s face it – your students are social media experts. Most of them grew up with social media and this is their home turf.

They are talking about their life on and off campus on Twitter and love sharing snippets from their day-to-day lives on Instagram. Display the social conversations relevant to you directly on your website with our social media hub. Use it as a tool to spark interest as you recruit the top quality talent.

During school games, you can display Wallery on a jumbotron and encourage social sharing with your chosen hashtag. Students watching the game will race to Tweet and send in photos and selfies from the game. Even those not present can follow the game and support your team online. All you have to do is embed Wallery to your website!

There is so much more you can do with Wallery. Use it to display school announcements or ask your students to share their opinions about the current events on campus.

Make Wallery a part of your social media strategy during convocations as you let your students express their pride and excitement over the big day. Let them urge their friends and families to congratulate them via social media.

During open days and other student assemblies, Wallery can help potential recruits ask questions, get insight into daily lives of students on campus and become a part of your online community.

TEDx tiles


Our Tiles layout, displaying the #TEDx hashtag.
TEDx one column

One Column

Our One Column layout, displaying the #TEDx hashtag.
TEDx two column

Two Columns

Our Two Columns layout, displaying the #TEDx hashtag.
Fits any screen

Online or offline – Wallery is designed to fit any screen

Thanks to its responsive design, Wallery will look beautiful on any screen. Whether you choose to use Wallery as a social media hub within your college website, or a social media wall displayed on a jumbotron, you can rest assured Wallery will look great and perform flawlessly.

Innovative and modern design

Beautiful and versetile design

As a premium user, you get to design Wallery to look just the way you want it to. Use your school colors and logo and seamlessly fit Wallery into your website or campus. Would you like to display your school mascot or motto on your wall? With Wallery – it’s no problem!

Easy discovery

Discovery and curation across various social media sites

Twitter or Instagram? Both, you say? Sure! You want to be where the conversations are – and we know this. To help you engage with your students, we made discovering relevant content and its curation easy and reliable. Assign a moderator to curate the content displayed on your wall or make use of our auto-moderation system.

Blacklists, whitelists and profanity filters

Profanity filters, blacklists and whitelists

Wallery comes equipped with profanity filters in English, and more languages will be added soon. We also make it easy to create your own filters – as well as make use of blacklists and whitelists. Once the user is blacklisted their posts will never be displayed on your wall or hub.

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