romote transparency and engage audiences from all walks of life during your political assemblies, debates, conferences and elections.

Wallery helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the community.

With Wallery, you can bridge the gap between the audiences at your event and those at home while engaging both groups equally. Utilize social listening and discover the topics people care about by monitoring social media conversations in the days leading up to your political event as well as in real-time by following relevant hashtags.

During the event, you can use Wallery to display your agenda, ask questions and communicate important announcements to your audience. We also help you engage the audience further by making it easy for you to moderate and display relevant social media posts in real-time, so that you can provide answers or discuss those questions during your event.

Wallery has been a trusted ally to many government events all over the world and has successfully helped organizers raise awareness for their political events. Our proven experience will be a valuable asset to you and your team.

You can rely on Wallery to help you engage your audience during your political assemblies, debates, conferences or during the elections. Receive valuable and honest feedback from your audience and encourage them to ask questions and discuss policies or people in real-time.

OECD tiles


Our Tiles layout, displaying the #OECD hashtag.
OECD single item

Single Item

Our Single Item layout, displaying the #OEXD hashtag.
OECD one column

One Column

Our One Column layout, displaying the #OECD hashtag.
Fits any screen

Wallery will fit any screen and can be projected onto any surface

Our responsive design makes sure Wallery will fit beautifully on any screen. Choose to display your social media wall in portrait or landscape mode and at any resolution. It will look just as beautiful on a screen as it will projected onto a wall.

On-the-go curation

Curate and moderate from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or a personal computer

No matter the device, you can rest assured moderation will run smoothly during the entire event. Choose the most thoughtful and impactful posts to be displayed on your wall in order to drive the conversations and enhance the communication between your speakers and the audience.

Content control

You have full control of the content displayed on your walls and hubs

You don’t have to worry about harassment or hate speech appearing on your wall. Use our existing profanity filters or create your own. Create lists of users you want to permanently blacklist or use a whitelist for your staff, politicians, journalists and other trusted sources.

Display owned and earned content

Wallery helps you display your own content on your social media walls

Wallery helps you run your event just a little bit smoother by giving you an option to display your owned content alongside the incoming posts. Promote your agenda, speakers, and other important information right next to your social media stream.

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US Embassy Belgrade
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