ant to create a buzz around your upcoming event?

How would you like to raise the level of excitement before the show and keep your attendees engaged during the conference? Would you like to see your event or conference trending on Twitter? With Wallery you can do all this — and more.

Encourage conversations, raise awareness and add a new and exciting dimension to your event or conference.

Use Wallery’s social media hub on your event website and encourage social conversations and sharing with your unique event hashtag even before the start of your event.

Place Wallery near your check-in desk and help your guests pass the time spent waiting in line by engaging with other attendees and guests on social media.

Display Wallery around your venue and delight your guests by adding a modern, social element to your event.

With Wallery, you are limited only by the power of your imagination. Bring your ideas to life with Wallery!

Olympics one column

One Column

Our One Column style, displaying the #Olympics hashtag.
Olympics single

Single Item

Our Single Item layout, displaying the #Olympics hashtag.
Olympics tiles


Our Tiles layout, displaying the #Olympics hashtag.
Fits any screen

Wallery will fit any screen, website, jumbotron, projector wall and more!

Our responsive design makes sure Wallery will fit beautifully on any screen. Choose to display your social media wall in portrait or landscape mode and at any resolution. It will look just as beautiful on a screen as it will projected onto a wall.

Innovative and modern design

Innovative design, guaranteed to fit in beautifully with your venue and stage design

You put a lot of care into designing your venue and stage to be perfect, and you want your social media wall to look just as amazing as the rest of the venue. We got you. We’ve designed Wallery to be easy to use and customizable for everyone.

On-the-go curation

Curate and moderate even when on the go – from your smartphone, tablet or laptop!

Organizing an event is no simple task. To make curating and moderating your social media wall as painless as can be, we’ve made sure you can curate Wallery while mingling with your guests or overseeing the event from the venue.

Content control

You have full control of the content displayed on your social media wall

Wallery lets you discover, curate and moderate incoming social media posts in a way that works for you. Assign a moderator to your team and let them approve incoming posts before they appear on your wall or hub, or opt to use our existing profanity filters.

Blacklists, whitelists and profanity filters

Blacklists and whitelists add a greater amount of control over your event

Social media posts from blacklisted users will never show up on Wallery. On the other hand, use whitelists for your event speakers, influencers, live-tweeters, sponsors, trusted news sources, employees, and other event guests and make sure their posts are seen on your walls.

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