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allery enables you to discover, curate and display social media content about you, your brand and more.

We help you find most relevant user-generated content (UGC) and enable you to create genuine social-powered stories. Create and display your social media walls and social media hubs on any screen and increase engagement with your owned and (earned) content.

There are many ways in which you can use Wallery, and most use cases can be roughly divided into two groups.

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First is using Wallery as a social media wall at live events (these can be conferences, music festivals, university events or even elections!).

The second option is to use it as a social media hub and embed it on your website or in your mobile app.

You can even do both! Create a social media wall to engage your event visitors, and then embed it to your event or company website and keep your website visitors in the loop, as well.


Wallery is a very powerful platform, packed with useful and easy to use features.

You can select content from various social networks, filter it based on hashtags, keywords or usernames and then display it on a variety of different screens or within your website.

We created Wallery Designer — a powerful online editor enabling you to customize and create your own, beautiful, walls. You can use and customize some of the many templates we created for you or you can design a wall of your own. You are limited only by your own imagination.

If you are busy and can’t think of a design on your own, don’t hesitate to give us a call — we provide additional design services and will be happy to help you with the design and make sure your wall or a hub are uniquely yours!

  • Style
  • Color
  • Text
Choose a content style that best fits your needs and unleash your creativity in our easy-to-use Wallery Designer! Mix and match with our premade color samples, patterns, and images, or upload your own! With Wallery, it is so easy to create something beautiful.

We are also aware that you need the option to moderate and screen incoming social media content before showing it on your wall.

Our powerful moderation capabilities enable you to hand-pick every piece of content to be displayed on your wall. If you are busy and can’t moderate your walls manually — no problem! We have the best automatic moderation capabilities on the market.

You can add users to whitelists or blacklists, and ban content from appearing on the wall if it contains swear words and other profane content.

We even support automatic moderation through our profanity filter filled with English words and phrases, and we are currently working on including lists in other languages as well.

If you still feel that you need some extra control, we got you covered. With Wallery you can create your own lists of blacklisted terms and rest assured that content with those terms will never appear on your wall.

Our simple but powerful moderation tool will help you ensure your social media wall or hub is displaying exactly the kind of content you want to see there. Blacklist the trolls, whitelist trusted sources and watch the positive social conversations flow.
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