ou only want quality content displayed on your social media hub.

After all – your social media hub is a real-time reflection of what is currently going on at your event.

In order to give you complete control over the content displayed on your wall, Wallery comes equipped with profanity filters in English — with more languages being added soon! Unhappy with the lists we’ve provided? Create your own and filter out any words and hashtags you don’t want to be seen on your wall. You can use our auto-moderating tool to filter out the unwanted words and hashtags or assign a member of your team to curate the content as it comes in. Just give them the moderator password and a link to the moderation panel and you’re all set! You are in control.

To further improve your Wallery experience we give you the ability to whitelist or blacklist certain users. Add social media handles of trusted sources to your event whitelist and their social media posts will automatically be sent to Wallery – no moderation needed on your part! Use this to automatically send posts of people and organizations you trust to be displayed on your wall. These can be your live tweeting employees, your partners or journalists.

You can also blacklist spammy and irrelevant users. Once blacklisted, you won’t have to deal with their noise cluttering up your moderation interface.

And the best thing? Because we know the event staff are constantly on the go, we’ve made sure the moderation from your smartphone will always be as easy and reliable as it is from your computer.

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World Economic Forum
The Voice
University Denver
Burson Marsteller
Startup Weekend