Social media wall placement for events and offices


ou’ve just decided to invest in a social media wall for your upcoming event or for your office space. Awesome!

You probably heard a lot about how social media walls are great for creating engagement at events, for collecting and displaying user generated content (UGC) and even how easily they can be used for content curation.

You are certain you want to own one. Or a couple!

To get the most out of your social media walls, placement of the walls is an important thing to consider, and in this article, we aim to help you find the perfect place for displaying your walls and hubs.

The Wallery team has created hundreds upon hundreds of walls and supported hundreds of events in the past couple of years. During that time we’ve seen the examples of impeccable placement of our walls and some that were, at the very least, questionably positioned.

We want to help our users get the most out of their social media walls, and with that in mind, we want to share our knowledge of good practices when it comes to placement of social media walls for events and office spaces.

Social media wall placement for events and conferences

Depending on the size and nature of the event, you can often get very creative when it comes to social media wall placement.

Social media walls tend to gain attention no matter where they are placed but that doesn’t mean you should just willy-nilly stick one wherever you find some free space. Aim to display your walls in one (or a couple!) of the following locations:

Near the registration desk

First impressions matter a great deal, and registration tables are the first point of contact with your event guests and visitors. It is here that your event guests are going to form their first impression of the event they have just arrived to.

At larger events, lines for registration desks can get very long and waiting to register can quickly turn into a hassle. A big crowd and a long waiting line are the last things one wants to deal with, especially if your guests have just traveled in from far away.

In order to help them pass the time spent waiting in line, it is a good idea to provide fun distractions, something social media walls are perfect for!

Show your guests what you have in store for them by teasing the agenda and giving them a preview of what is waiting for them at the other end of the registration process.

Provide a chance to connect with other event-goers through the use of the event hashtag and delight them by showing their social media posts on a social media wall before the event or the conference has even started.

On the main stage

It is rare to see the main stage without a large screen sitting in the background. During talks and lectures, accompanying slides are usually projected onto the screen in order to engage the audience and make following the talk easier with the help of the visuals.

This very screen is where you can display Wallery before and between talks and lectures.

If you choose to display social media posts from your event guests and visitors on the main stage you will create engagement by urging your event goers to whip out their phones and join ongoing conversations on social media.

At Smashing Conference 2016, Wallery was used to display the agenda and the social media chatter from the visitors.<br />
Big thanks to our friends at Pingdom for this photo!
At Smashing Conference 2016, Wallery was used to display the agenda and the social media chatter from the visitors.
Big thanks to our friends at Pingdom for this photo!

In the lounge and networking areas

How many times have you missed a chance to grab a chair to hear an influencer talk about a subject you care about?

It’s fairly disheartening when it happens, but it has happened to the best of us. Maybe you were just a tad bit late to get into the conference room, maybe there were conflicts in your schedule or perhaps the talk was reserved for the VIP guests only.

At large events, it is often impossible to get to sit in on every lecture and talk you want to get into.

The number of people a particular conference room can take in is a limitation you can get around by showcasing your walls in the lounge or networking areas.

The people who are seeing the keynote speakers will often be live tweeting for their followers.

Showcase these tweets in areas where the event visitors who couldn’t make it to the keynote will be spending their time. These are usually lounges and predetermined networking areas.

At the afterparty

Is there an official afterparty to your event?

Many corporate events offer their participants a chance to wind down and relax after a couple of days spent talking business and sporting a suit and a tie.

Consider placing a social media wall at the venue of the afterparty. All the selfies and group photos your guests will be taking and posting on their social media channels can be displayed on the wall and will add to the fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the afterparty.

Wallery enticed the crowd at the Super Konzum Radnička afterparty to share their photos from the event on social media
Wallery enticed the crowd at the Super Konzum Radnička afterparty to share their photos from the event on social media

Pro tip: After the event, consider embedding the social media wall from the event or conference to your official website.

Next time the event season rolls around and potential event attendees are on your website to research the event, trying to decide whether or not they want to attend it — make it easier for them to reach their decision by showing all the positive social media discussions the event evoked and all the fun the attendees had at your last event!

Social media wall placement for your office spaces

Office spaces are places where you don’t want to take the attention away from your workers.

However, a social media wall still has its place, even in a place like this.

If you are taking in guests and hosting a lot of business meetings with potential clients and business partners you likely have a dedicated space for such activities — and it is likely separated from the working area of your employees.

Consider placing a social media wall in one of the following locations:

At the front desk

A social media wall at the front desk is a great way for the guests who are coming in, and will likely spend some time waiting for their scheduled meeting, to pass the time while getting to know your company and its culture.

If your employees are active on social media you can choose to display their posts on your social media wall alongside your branded content and posts from your official social media accounts.

In the lounge

Depending on your floor plan, the lounge is usually the area where your employees will eat lunch, take their breaks, relax, and probably have a short team meeting every now and then.

Such an area is great for displaying a social media wall that is focused on promoting office culture and providing a space where your employees can let their personalities shine by engaging in posting office memes, jokes, and news on the wall.

They are likely doing that on social media accounts already, after all.

The UX Passion team uses Wallery to display social media posts of the team members in the lounge at their Zagreb office.
The UX Passion team uses Wallery to display social media posts of the team members in the lounge at their Zagreb office.

Pro tip: Again, you can embed your social media wall on your website, as well.

Many companies have started sharing the details of their everyday office lives on their websites as a way to humanize their brand and show the potential clients and contacts what their company is all about.

Nothing will humanize your business quite like a well-curated and beautiful social media wall displaying real content made by your employees.

Invite your website visitors to get to know you on a more personal level by embedding a social media wall to your company website.

Before you go

Did you know you can create more than just one social media wall with Wallery?

With our Basic account, you can have up to 5 social media walls active at once. Go Premium and you can run up to 20 walls at the same time!

If you liked our ideas and would like to use a couple of them in tandem, you are absolutely free to do so. To find out more, check out our Pricing page and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

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