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The first batch of updates is here!

We have recently rolled out the first batch of updates to Wallery app. We’ve covered the ones we think you will find the most notable in this article. Thank you for your feedback, and stay tuned for more updates from the Wallery team!

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The history of hashtags

Did you know hashtags were originally used on Touch-tone telephones and in programming? Back then we called them an Octothorpe or a pound sign. How and why, then, did they become known as “hashtags”?

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What was my first tweet?

Unless you are somewhat new to Twitter, you probably don’t recall what your first tweet was or when you tweeted it out, but we have you covered! Here is how you can quickly find the first tweet made by you or any other Twitter user.

How retailers can use user generated content

How retailers can benefit from user generated content

What exactly is user generated content (also known as UGC)? What makes it such a valuable thing and where can you find it? How can it help you build a stronger brand, as well as raise your sales? This article answers all of these questions, and more!

A guide to live tweeting for event attendees

Event live Tweeting: a guide for event guests

Sure, live tweeting is fun. But did you know it can also help you grow your follower count on Twitter, establish yourself as a thought leader, and even connect with influencers? Just follow our live tweeting guide and you’ll be there in no time!

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